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Kick the Habit for Good and Be on Your Way to a Healthier You

For a lot of people, smoking is the only way to relieve stress. If for some, travelling is the best way to combat fatigue and deal with pressure, for others, puffing on a cigarette gives them instant relief.

If you rely too much on cigarettes, you could end up addicted and craving for it. This is why you should start quitting smoking today. You can use these tips to help you make your transition easier:

  1. Make a list of the things you “like” about smoking and another one for the reasons you NEED to quit such vice. Compare the things you’ve jotted down. You’ll find out there never was a valid reason for you to have started such a bad habit and that there are at least a dozen things to motivate you to quit for good, like your family’s future, your health, your finances.
  2. If you can’t quit instantly, do it little by little. If you’re used to buying two packs a day, buy only one. Also, try bringing only two to three sticks with you. Slowly, your craving to light up a cigarette will be weaned since you don’t have any immediately available.
  3. Take note of the times or situations wherein your craving is so strong. Keep a list of the things you can do when your craving sets in and post it on a visible place, e.g. your computer screen, workstation partition, table lamp, phone screensaver or wallpaper, etc.
  4. Decide on a “quit date”. When that day arrives, get rid of anything that will trigger your cigarette cravings, including pictures, novelty items and the like. You need to do this to bid such an unhealthy vice farewell completely.
  5. Set all the money you’ve saved on cigarettes aside. Place it in a jar so you can physically see how much you’ve been saving and how good it feels to finally be nicotine-free. Then, spend the money on something rewarding, like a cruise package to the Caribbean, a full Spa treatment or designer dresses you’ve always wanted to buy for yourself. You deserve it.
  6. If you suddenly feel the urge to light up a cigarette, opt for an alternative like e-cigs.

Knowing the effects of smoking to your body can help you realise you should stop at once. It can affect your heart, lungs, stomach, brain, mouth, skin, blood circulation and more. If you are suffering from any ailment affecting any of these organs, you can buymedicines from Chemist2Go and undergo treatment these sources: